Crafting your tailored exclusive vacation in Malta

Tailored exclusive vacation in Malta with tour of traditional balconies
Posted on 2024-02-21

    With its exquisite blend of historical grandeur and modern sophistication, Malta or The Rock, as locals call it, offers a haven for discerning travelers. From the majestic architecture of Valletta’s fortified walls to the pristine beaches of Gozo and Comino, every corner of this enchanting archipelago exudes an air of charm and calls for a true lifestyle experience.

    Indulge in world-class dining experiences, where Mediterranean flavors mingle with international cuisine to tantalize the taste buds. Explore the azure waters aboard luxurious yachts, discovering secluded coves and hidden gems along the coastline. Unwind in lavish boutique hotels and exclusive resorts, where every comfort is meticulously curated to pamper and delight.

    Whether basking in the warm glow of the sun-kissed shores or immersing oneself in the vibrant cultural tapestry of the islands, Malta offers a sensory symphony of unparalleled luxury and sophistication. Discover the allure of Malta, where every moment is crafted to elevate the art of indulgence in the Mediterranean.

    Experience luxury in Malta

    Let’s start crafting your dreams’ tailored exclusive vacation in Malta, arriving from the sea and cruising on a private yacht. This is undoubtedly one of the best possible views of Malta. You will immediately appreciate its light hues of limestone that contrast with the deep blue waters, dotted with the traditional Maltese boats, known as “luzzus,” with their bright colors and eye motifs.


    The archipelago, which consists of several islands, with the three most prominent and most significant being Malta, Gozo, and Comino, is strategically positioned in the middle of the Southern Mediterranean Sea and has been a crossroads of civilizations from the ancient Neolithic builders of the Ġgantija temples to the Phoenicians, Romans, and the famous Knights Hospitaller, or Knights of Malta, who built the impressive walls that protected the capital, Valletta.

    A classic itinerary in Malta includes the capital Valletta, a UNESCO World Heritage site of unparalleled beauty and historical significance which beckons visitors with its majestic grandeur, rich heritage, and captivating charm and lively vibe; the ancient capital of Mdina, located in the central part of the island, with its narrow streets and medieval and baroque charming architecture, often referred to as the “Silent City”; the prehistoric Ġgantija temples in Gozo; and the Hal Saflieni Hypogeum, an underground structure dating back to 3600 BC, all complemented by the stunning landscapes of the archipelago.

    Personalize your itinerary in Malta

    We can personalize your tour with unique experiences tailored to your interests, from art lovers of Caravaggio to the Jewish heritage. To culinary aficionados, Malta offers a rich gastronomic scene you can discover by tasting the delicious dishes prepared in its top-ranking restaurants or going deeper into the local flavors and traditions by trying hands-on private cooking classes with some of the most intriguing local chefs.

    Wine and olive oil enthusiasts can enjoy exclusive tastings at renowned wineries like the historic Marsovin or the more modern  Ta’ Betta, and Markus Divinus. Each offers a unique selection of Maltese viticulture. Tastings can be privately booked.

    Among the best experiences of Malta, we count the private guided tours of the noble legacies at Casa Rocca Piccola in Valletta and Palazzo Parisio in Naxxar, where the grandeur of aristocratic life is alive in every rich corner and lush garden.

    Certainly worth visiting are also the ancient salt pans of Gozo, where salt is harvested through natural evaporation of seawater in shallow pools carved out of the coastal rock, similar to the salt pans in Trapani, Sicily.

    Grand Accommodations

    To help you choose the best luxury accommodation in Malta, we have selected some of the top five-star hotels, each offering a different style to match your taste.

    Xara Palace, Mdina

    The charm of the Silent City at the boutique Xara Palace, a palace dating back to the 1600s, turned into the only hotel inside the medieval walls of Mdina. The hotel has 17 traditional rooms and suites, all individually designed, and the one Michelin-starred restaurant, The de Mondion, is on the top floor with a panoramic view over the city.


    Iniala Harbour House, Valletta

    The enchanting sea view at the Iniala Harbour House is a five-star all-suite property overlooking Valletta’s Grand Harbour. Traditional Maltese balconies and a contemporary, warm style mark the property. On the fourth floor of the palace, you can experience the farm-to-table fine dining of the ION restaurant, where the menu is masterfully crafted by the Michelin-starred British chef Simon Rogan.

    The Phoenicia Hotel, Valletta

    Classic grandeur with a contemporary touch at The Phoenicia, a timeless gem conveniently located just outside Valletta’s walled historical center. Originating from the 1930s, this prestigious hotel places you within arm’s reach of the city’s essential sights. Its 132 guest rooms and suites are decorated with the colors of the island’s natural beauty, from the serene hues of blue to the white and the sandy beige. The Phoenicia’s luxurious amenities include a spa, fitness center, indoor and outdoor pool, a garden and a selection of fine dining restaurants and bars.

    The Phoenicia

    Domus Zamittello, Valletta

    The intimate atmosphere of a period family-owned house at the boutique hotel Domus Zamittello in the heart of Valletta. The pastel colors used throughout the hotel and in the 21 rooms and suites enhance the quiet and relaxing ambiance. From the terrace on the palace’s third floor, you can enjoy the view of the City Gate, the Royal Opera House, and Republic Street.

    Michelin-starred restaurants in Malta

    Your Michelin-star culinary experience can continue now with some additions to the ION and The de Mondion restaurants we mentioned before.

    Under Grain, Valletta

    Under Grain is another top-ranking restaurant in Valletta with 1 Michelin star. Located on the underground floor of the Rosselli Hotel, the restaurant pays homage to the street’s history, which used to host tailor shops. This thematic approach extends to the design of the interior, which resembles an upscale tailor’s shop from a bygone era, with a dark and elegant atmosphere, and to the style of the menu. Food here is Mediterranean, with a focus on high-quality, seasonal ingredients.

    Under Grain

    Noni, Valletta

    Let’s start in Valletta with Noni, the nickname of the one-Michelin-star chef Jonathan Brincat. This restaurant has it all: a stylish and welcoming atmosphere, excellent traditional food cooked in a modern way, and friendly service. It will probably produce long-lasting, good memories of your trip to Malta!

    Fernandõ, Gastrotheque, Sliema

    If you plan to visit Sliema, a coastal town with a scenic promenade, do not miss Fernandõ, Gastrotheque, an intimate and cozy bistrot focusing on locally sourced ingredients and a seasonal menu. The restaurant, which has earned 1 Micheline star, offers a carefully selected list of both local and international wines.

    Fine dining & traditional cuisine

    Setting Michelin accolades aside, for those seeking to savor authentic Maltese cuisine, consider adding these two restaurants to your list: Palazzo Preca in Valletta, run by the Preca family within a historic palace and renowned for its emphasis on fresh seafood and classic Maltese recipes, and Gululu in Sliema, in a nautical ambiance on the lively waterfront, offering an extensive selection of local fare such as fresh seafood, rabbit stew, and various fish dishes.

    Fish lovers should add Tartarun to their list of favorite restaurants. It is located in Marsaxlokk, a renowned fishing village in the southern part of Malta known for its traditional fishing boats and colorful market. Tartarun is a lovely, friendly restaurant that offers excellent fresh catches in its dishes.

    For a fine dining experience in the North of Malta, try Rebekah’s Restaurant in the scenic town of Mellieħa. The restaurant is set in a restored Maltese home, with two traditionally decorated rooms and a courtyard that can be used for al-fresco dining during summer. The menu offers selected dishes of meat and fish.

    Conclude your journey through Malta’s exclusive offerings, considering an extension of your holidays visiting Sicily or continuing your Mediterranean cruise on the Amalfi Coast.

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