15 days – 14 nights

Let yourself be enchanted by this spectacular cruise in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Starting with Malta insights and circumnavigating the entire inspiring Sicilian island, stop and stare the gifts the Nature gave us. Far from the chaotic routine, get absorbed into amazing landscapes, crystal sea bottoms, arts, history, exciting traditions and legendary cultures that will refresh your mind, body and soul.

the UNESCO World Heritage city of Valletta, Gozo and Comino, Mdina by night
Sicily: the picturesque fishermen village of Marzamemi, the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Syracuse, Catani and Etna, Giardini Naxos and the enchanting Taormina, Aeolian Islands, Palermo, Trapani, Segesta, Erice, Agrigento and the Valley of the Temples, Ragusa


Day 1: Malta – Valletta
Independent arrival in Malta, afternoon boarding in Valletta area. Explore Valletta (optional excursion). The Fortress City, renowned to be “built by gentlemen for gentlemen” is Malta’s capital city. Busy by day, this city retains a timeless atmosphere by night that gives the feeling of a walking back in time. Boasting some of Europe’s finest art works, churches and palaces, Valletta is brimming with history, splendid Baroque architecture, squares and alleys, museums and bastions. Included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, Valletta also hosts two notable Caravaggio masterpieces both displayed in the Saint John’s Cathedral. 

Day 2:  Gozo – Comino – Mdina by night
Sailing to Gozo, the “little sister” of the bigger Malta, is a real escape from routine. Its name meaning “joy” is exactly the feeling that this paradisiac and peaceful island produces. Take your time to appreciate blue sky, azure sea, unique picturesque coastal views and a priceless uncontaminated nature; you may choose to taste a piece of the Mediterranean culinary heart in one of the local attractive sea view trattorias.
Sail to Comino the smallest island of the Maltese archipelago with a grand total of 4 permanent inhabitants. Comino is famed for its Blue Lagoon, which offers crystal clear waters for swimming in and Santa Maria Tower built by the Knights of St. John to secure the island from corsair pirates, now in use as a museum.
Back at shore, you may decide for an evening shore excursion to Mdina. Erected on the top of the rough hill in the center of Malta, since at first sight, this ancient capital of Malta reveals itself in all its beauty, majesty and elegance. Well-known as the “Silent city”, due to its quiet and solitary atmosphere, it is impossible not be fascinated by the surreal peace of this antique city, full of traditions and guardian of legends, secrets and endless memories.

Day 3: On sail to Siciliy: Marzamemi – Syracuse
Your landing to the Sicilian coast will follow an astonishing sail through the Malta Channel: an intense route with a very long history incised in its waves. While enjoying the crossing, just imagine the Ottoman Empire pirates, the Romans fleets cutting through this sea.
Heading towards the extreme point of Sicily, the enchanting panorama of Marzamemi will catch your eyes. Here, where Sicily and Africa meet, have a seat in one of the historical bars in the main seventeen-century little square: admire the surrounding palazzos, the Arabic courtyards and get lost into the exciting smell of the sea throughout the traditional fishermen’s little houses. History, culture and natural beauties here are the main ingredients of this fascinating small village, which is still able to seduce sun, sea and quiet lovers’ souls.
Sail to Syracuse.

Day 4: Syracuse – sailing
Don’t miss the visit of Syracuse (optional) defined by Cicero “the biggest and the most beautiful among all Greek cities”. A Unesco World Heritage site for its archeological, artistic and monumental patrimony, a perfect summary of the Sicilian history. Explore the baroque heart of Ortigia, the Euryalus fortification, the Apollo Temple, the columns of the Athena Temple set inside the Baroque cathedral like precious stones, get absorbed into the enchanting atmosphere of the ancient Neapolis, the archaeological park where the Greek Theatre is placed: here, still today you can experience the magical tradition of classic tragedy performances. Visiting Syracuse is a continuous alternation of unrepeatable sensations and emotions.
Sail to Riposto, a very small town that halfway between Catania and Taormina with its port at the feet of the Mt Etna, the giant active volcano.

Day 5: Catania – Etna – Giardini Naxos
Today at shore, it is time to explore Catania highlights, the liveliest city of the island. As the cradle of the Baroque in Sicily, admire its historical and archaeological patrimony, churches and palaces. Perfectly immersed in this unique setting, don’t miss the visit to the fish market, nominated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Placed in the bowel of the most ancient neighbor it is a must-see to discover the authentic folklore that animates the city for centuries.
You may decide to continue your tour to explore the Mt Etna, where fire eruptions and blue sky intertwine to give you a unique spectacle. Here where nature mixes colors, fertile lands are imbued with the fragrance of local wines, which you will be able to taste in one of the top wineries at the bottom of its sides.
Back to Riposto, we can suggest some of the best walking-distance restaurants from the port.
Night sailing to Giardini Naxos, which is your next step. As the first Greek colony, this coastal village is the crib of ancient Mediterranean civilizations and at the same time a renowned tourist station. Along the promenade, series of typical restaurants and boutiques characterize the atmosphere of this town, a real postcard.

Day 6: Taormina – sailing to Aeolian Islands
Land in Taormina for a shore excursion of the crown jewel of the tour that thanks to its great beauty patrimony has gained the title of “pearl of the Mediterranean sea”. Over the centuries, the magnificence of this small town has seduced innumerable poets and writers, attracted illustrious travelers, host internationally renowned celebrities. Visiting this strip of paradise on Earth, do not miss the visit to the Ancient Greek Theatre, an open window to the coast view; a walking full immersion throughout its medieval alleys; its breath-taking panoramas while tasting its excellent gastronomic soul. Taormina is a real picturesque landscape, “it will seduce your eyes, fantasize your mind”.
Late sailing towards the Aeolian Islands, admiring the sunset and embracing this bright vibrant side of Sicilian coasts. Imagine this portrait: where the blue shades of the sea and those of gold orange sun intertwine; be caressed by the breeze and sweetly cuddled by the sound of waves, which will cradle you to your next stop.

Day 7: Aeolian Islands – Stromboli at night with Sciara del Fuoco
At your own choice, don’t miss a shore excursion to some of the seven little gems volcanically originated in the sea: Vulcano is the first, where the namesake volcano dominates the island and protects it like an ancient guardian, character inherited by the fascinating Greek and Roman mythology. Moving to Panarea you will surely notice its perfect combination of history, art, culture and modernity. Equally marvelous as the sea that flows through it, Panarea offers both festive elite atmospheres and absolute relax, far from frenetic and modern life. Proceed to Lipari, the biggest among Aeolian Islands. It certainly represents the right compromise between comfort, leisure and natural beauties. In addition to its panoramic allure, it preserves the whole Aeolian history by hosting the archeological museum with its 5000-year civility testimony.
Heading to Salina, named as the “garden” of Aeolian Islands, you will discover this ideal place where to taste culinary Aeolian traditions: capers and Malvasia wine, the so-called “nectar of the gods”. Filicudi and Alicudi, the smallest islands of this archipelago follow. Here you will totally lose your sense of time, admiring always-different sunsets and breathing a magic and mythological atmosphere. You will be inebriated by the good smell of the sea and typical Mediterranean scrub plants. No cars nor paved streets exist in these two lands, it only exists the authentic beauty of long walks on rustic paradisiac paths.
Late this day, head to Stromboli, one of the most active volcanos in Europe, magnificently erects in front of you with its high cliff interrupted by black sandy beaches and alternated by inlets and caves. An incredible volcano sinking into the sea that boils, producing a real suggestive unique show that reaches its top at night. Enjoy the “Sciara del fuoco” performance right from your yacht: red fire explosions and lapillus throwing will paint the starry sky. A real open-air spectacle, where the volcano shows all its strength! 

Day 8: Aeolian Islands – night sailing to Palermo
Once selected your excursions among the islands previously mentioned, you will be captured by the atmosphere, the scenario and the air you breathe in these lands.
This tour will never stop surprising you: from a full immersion in uncontaminated nature, paradise lands and wildlife landscapes, now it is time to sail to Palermo to immerse into the history of culturally and artistically wealthy western Sicily.

Day 9: Palermo – night sailing to Trapani
Sicily’s capital is an energetic city of colors and contrasts. In the Middle Ages, Palermo was one of Europe’s leading cities, that is the reason why travellers exploring Sicily’s history cannot miss its several unmissable sights. Palermo boasts bohemian boutiques, famously-excellent street food, fine architecture and a lively atmosphere, which you can breathe in the legendary, chaotic and bustling markets. Do not miss overview of the city from the roof of the historic cathedral, which is part of a UNESCO World Heritage list. The landscape is splendid, both for the details of the upper parts of the building itself and for the context, looking out over the city. One of Sicily’s most famous monuments is just a short ride from Palermo: the Norman cathedral of Monreale, famous for its architecture and the vast Byzantine-style mosaics which cover the interior.
Night sailing to Trapani.

Day 10: Trapani – Segesta/Erice – Agrigento
port is strategically located both to unearth the inner parts of the city and to explore the ancient treasure villages of Segesta and Erice. 
If you may decide to visit the city center, you will plunge into many different historical ages: from prehistoric era, passing through Hellenic civilities, straightly to Roman, Byzantine, Arabic and Norman cultures. In Trapani, titled as “the town between two seas” for its geographical position, monuments, churches, palaces characterize every corner of the city, telling its story throughout the centuries. The ancient walls of the city runs along the seafront, where the core of the town is located: the port. Not so far there is the fishing port, with typical boats owned by anglers continuing the job tradition handed down from one generation to another.
the other choice you may take is to travel back in time visiting Segesta and Erice.
Segesta is an historical city uninhabited by now, founded by Elymians. Peculiar beauties are the Doric Temple, among the most intact monuments from Antiquity, which rises on a hill framed by Monte Bernardo and Monte Barbaro, and the Theatre, partly dug into the rock of the hill. Proceed to Erice. If its origins seem to fade away through the fog of the time, walking along the little cobblestones alleys of the medieval ancient village on the top of Saint Julien’s Mount, that same fog will let you discover signs, symbols and legends born here even before Punic and Romans erected a sanctuary dedicated to the Beauty and Love goddess. Visiting Erice means to get lost through fortifications, ancient churches, workshops, gardens and breath-taking landscapes towards Aegadian Islands, the Stagnone lagoon, the Saline and cultivated fields surrounding Trapani.
Night sail to Agrigento.

Day 11: Agrigento and Valle dei Templi – Ragusa
A travel to the past is right on the corner visiting the Valle dei Templi. Agrigento. It is a great thousand-year-old city, where you will find extraordinary archeological and architectonical treasures portrayed in a Greek sea and an enchanting nature. A charming destination where Arts, Culture and Nature coexist in a magical atmosphere stuck in a mythological time. The ancient “Akragas”, defined as “the greatest among mortal cities” was founded in the VII century and became in very few time one of the most flourishing cities of the Magna Grecia. Belonging to Unesco patrimony, is undoubtedly the most suggestive testimony of Greek civility in Sicily. Temples here rise surrounded by countryside, almond trees and flowers, pictured in an immortal scenario in this dreamlike corner of Mediterranean. After this wide dose of historical beauties, it is now time to head to Ragusa, also known as “The other Sicily”.

Day 12: Ragusa – sailing to Malta
Included in the World Heritage UNESCO list Ragusa is one of the most important among Italian artistic cities, due to its variety of archeological and artistic wealth, inherit of multimillennial history. Originally erected on a steep hill, it was almost completely destroyed by an impressive earthquake in 1693. With its fascinating urbanistic structure, Ragusa Ibla is the core center of the city and its most attractive neighbor thanks to the numerous palaces and churches, massive expression of Sicilian Baroque. Unsubstituted scenario for literature, Ragusa is still today the most yearn cinematographic set in Sicily. This city will involve you into a swirling whirlwind of emotions and senses, through the discovery of the excellent typical products.    

Day 13: On sail to Malta
Sailing back to the first step of this unusual tour, you will surely relax and enjoy this piece of sea, which is already familiar to you.

Day 14: Malta
Disembark. Independent Departure.  

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