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    About Doriana Briguglio

    L’Isolabella – Managing Director & Founder

    Founder of L’Isolabella, Doriana has more than 20 years’ experience in creating luxury travels, lifestyle experiences and events. Constantly on the move, she divides her time between offices in Sicily and Malta or travelling around the globe. Always poised between her volcanic creativity and an equally natural tendency towards idleness, you can easily catch her with both a pen in her hand jotting down crazy ideas or with a glass, chatting about vineyards, vines and wines. She is a professional sommelier, a member of AIS – Associazione Italiana Sommelier and WSET certified.


    L’Isolabella offers several journeys to discover the major Mediterranean and Italian islands. An island represents symbolically a closed world without precise borders, and that makes strong and unique cultures, as well as untouched places and unique sceneries. Traveling in an island means to make a journey of the soul before that of the body.

    Some of these journeys focus on the Sicilian archipelagos, disclosing the unknown and variegated world of its islander realities. A lot of different and unique gems set in one of the most beautiful sea in the world: Eolie, house of many volcanos and the God Aeolus, Pantelleria, with thousands lava gardens, Egadi, a big marine sanctuary, Ustica, with an indented coast rich of marine caves, Lampedusa , the biggest Sicilian island and the most southern place in Italy, connected to Africa for geographical and cultural factors.

    But not only Sicily: we let you admire the beauty of other famous Italian places, like the islands of Capri and Ischia, opposite to the Amalfitan coast, with its historical and elegant islands, and Sardinia, a preserved land and a surprising culture.

    And furthermore islands gravitating historically around Italy, like Malta and Corsica, with their unique and fascinating mix of cultures.

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