We believe your luxury charter experience should start and finish the way you imagine it.

We will provide you with bespoke schedules and a limitless range of charters available. These range from cost-effective piston and turboprop aircraft to light jets, heavy jets and executive airliners, with all of the luxury features for the most discerning of clients.

We are committed to providing a level of personal service which exceeds the highest expectations, enabling you to travel in style, safety and superior comfort with complete peace of mind.

We can provide aircraft charters to suit any requirement. Private jets and helicopters can be arranged as well as commercial airliners for larger groups of passengers.

A charter is built entirely around your requirements, offering flexibility and efficiency. An aircraft can fly exactly when and where needed, eliminating the hassle of catching connections and the stress of overrunning events.

Our charter experience enables you to select every detail of your air travel arrangements to precisely suit your personal needs.

•  Access locations, closer to your final destination.

•  Bespoke schedules, planned around individual timetables.

•  Time savings, reducing time spent in transit.

•  Customised menus, catering for all tastes and nutritional needs.

•  Baggage flexibility, with access to an entire luggage hold there are no specific baggage

•  Aircraft exclusivity.

•  Security and discretion ensured on all aircraft charters.

Upon arrival at your check in area a dedicated check –in lane will appear for you, as you are our exclusive client. Our representative will ensure the check-in process runs smoothly, taking care of everything.

After check-in you will be escorted to the aircraft. Once on board the aircraft you will enjoy a range of in flight entertainment equipment (TV monitors, iPads, iPods), bespoke catering and relaxation items for your comfort.
Your luxury experience in Sicily starts on board!

Book your luxury aircraft and ask for details info@isolabella.it

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