In the south-east of Sicily, further south of Tunis, in a valley shaped like an hourglass, lives a baroque town and its people, its streets, its monuments and its climate that brushes it in all seasons.
A crystal clear sea and beaches of golden sand, spaced out by dramatic cliffs, constitute about 20 km of coastline.
Here, the “unique” is everywhere: in the air you breathe, in the astonishing natural scenery, in the baroque architecture of the old town, in the art of painting, in the flavors that fill the tables.
Out of the love of this land and the passion for aromatic and therapeutic herbs, a garden nursery was born fifteen years ago.
The farm is run in a familiar context that encourages the work to be done manually, thus always maintaining high standards in quality. Here the plant is valued as a fundamental part of a territory to understand, rediscover and respect, with the knowledge of finding yourself in the middle of the Mediterranean, melting pot of countless cultures for thousands of years.
You will be guided through a multisensorial itinerary of unknown flavors and forgotten fragrances that will end in the kitchen garden area.
Here, a truly countryside aperitif will give you the possibility to taste unexpected culinary creations made with typical local products.
In a fully equipped professional kitchen set in a such natural scenery and surrounded by several fragrances our Chef Rita will captivate you with a hands-on Cooking Class or simply a Cooking Show.
The beauty of the Ragusano countryside overlooking the Mediterranean sea is always included!
Visits and activities can be held every day, by booking in advance. Timetable change according to the season.
Duration from 2 h to 4 hours,  depending on the activity.

Book this experience OR ask for a customized proposal If you want to discover all our Sicily cooking classes check our complete catalogue.



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