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  • The salts-pans area in Nubia, Trapani
    The salt pan area in Nubia, Trapani
  • Citrons and tangerins at the market in Catania
    Citrons and tangerins at the market in Catania
  • A corner of the 18th century village of Marzamemi, Syracuse
    A corner of the 18th century village of Marzamemi, Syracuse
  • The stunning Scala dei Turchi near Realmonte, Agrigento
    The stunning Scala dei Turchi near Realmonte, Agrigento
  • A colorful wall again in Marzamemi, Syracuse
    A colorful wall again in Marzamemi, Syracuse
  • Local folklore in the Medieval town of Gangi, Madonie area
    Local folklore in the Medieval town of Gangi, Madonie area

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The unusual charm of Sardinia and Corsica

8 days – 7 nights

If you choose Sardinia as the island of your landing, you, inquiring travelers, shall start to abandon all the visualizations and ideas you have about Italy. Be conscious you will approach to a more different land than other best known Italian places, so you are going to feel an unexpected and enjoyable surprise. Like the majority of the Mediterranean islands, also Sardinia was a crossroads for exchanges and trades, but, differently to others, it has preserved its archaic and mysterious culture until nowadays. You will be impressed by countless things: the untouched Nature, the traditional cuisine, the vestiges of the ancient cultures. The merit of our travel is to show you an ancient Sardinia and a more modern one, to let you admire the artistic beauties, to enjoy the wonderful Sardinian Nature, especially the sea, and to taste local wines and cuisine. We cannot miss the nearest island, Corsica, which in the ancient time was called “Kallíste” (from Greek Καλλίστη), “the most beautiful”. The area including Sardinia and Corsica is the best preserved in Mediterranean Sea.
Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea: 24 100 km² with 1 663 859 inhabitants. 188 km of Tyrrhenian Sea divide it from the Italian peninsula and  11 km from Corsica. Sardinia owns every possible kind of environments, much different from south to north. The coasts extend for 1.897 km, meanwhile the central area is occupied by Gennargentu massive. Both the sea and the mountains have been preserved with the institution of several national and regional parks. The chief town is Cagliari, placed in the southern coast.
Sardinia has been always integrated to the flow of events of the whole Mediterranean Sea. This island has preserved his magic culture over the millenia, not excluding the advantages derived from the contacts with further cultures.
The Nuraghi culture was one of the ancient indigenous folk, whose name derives from the many megaliths that characterize the island, like the mysterious Giants’ graves or the little village of Su Nuraxi, one of the most complete example of prehistoric architecture. In the old period, Sardinia was dominated by many people who travelled and traded in Mediterranean Sea: first Phoenicians and Roman, after Vandals and Byzantines; in modern times by Aragons and Savoy reign, until the Italian unification.
We promise you the most beautiful beaches, the most precious artistic works, the funniest nightlife, the more incredible travel experience you can enjoy.

Emerald Coast (Costa Smeralda) e Portocervo:
sightseeing of the beautiful Emerald Coast and the fashionable village of Porto Cervo.
Arcipelago della Maddalena: anchoring to Maddalena and Caprera, excursion along a panoramic road above the sea, winetasting.
Corsica, Bonifacio: the old town and its natural scenery.
Alghero: boat trip to the Neptune’s marine caves, sightseeing in Alghero’s old town.
The Barbagian region: Nuoro and its museums, tasting wines and traditional food, visit to an open-air cubist gallery near Orgosolo.
Oristano region: Marine protected area of Sinis peninsula and Tharros archaeological site, the UNESCO heritage site Su Nuraxi.
Cagliari: The village of Villasimius and the natural reserve Capo Carbonara, the capital city Cagliari and its cosmopolitanism.


Day 1:  Emerald Coast
Meet and Great with your personal driver at Olbia airport. Transfer to your accommodation in Costa Smeralda. Afternoon Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) and Porto Cervo sightseeing From crystal-clear turquoise water, unspoiled beaches, untouched nature and stunning architecture, of luxurious hotels and villas. Overnightstay in Hotel 5* Porto Cervo.

Day 2: Maddalena Archipelago – Winetasting
Departure to Palau port and take the ferry to La Maddalena Island. Full day land excursion to explore the main island, La Maddalena fishing village and Caprera. We’ll take a pleasant walk amongst the nineteenth century buildings and paved alleyways of the village. Following the panoramic road, which skirts the coast for around 20 kilometres, we’ll pass through unforgettable panoramic areas, which combine the azure-blue colour of the sea with the green of the Mediterranean vegetation. After the excursion, on the way back to the Hotel we’ll visit of one of the famous winery (Cantine Surrau) in the north of Sardinia with winetasting accompanied by a rich, typical snack. Overnightstay in Hotel 5* Porto Cervo.

Day 3: Corsica, Bonifacio
Today we’ll take the ferry from Santa Teresa to Bonifacio (Corsica) and we’ll visit the southern region of the island, where the Corsican mountains sweep down to the sea in an apotheosis of beaches, creeks and islets. Visit of Bonifacio. Visit the old town with the Bastion de l’Etendard, the Place d’Armes, the very moving sailor’s cemetery, the magnificent King of Aragon steps carved out of the cliff face, and the church of Saint Dominique, one of the island’s few Gothic buildings. Lunch and leisurely afternoon. Overnightstay in Alghero Hotel 5* centrally located.

Day 4: Aragonese Village of Alghero – Neptune’s Marine Caves
If weather permits morning boat trip to the Neptune’s marine cave complex leaving from the touristic port of Alghero. In the afternoon time at leisure to visit Alghero’s old town. The village was founded around 1102 by the Genoese Doria family, as a fortified port. After the end of the war Alghero became a popular tourist resort. The charming little, cobble paved streets lead to the lovely promenade adorned with ramparts and towers dating back toi the sixteenth century. Overnightstay in Alghero Hotel 5* centrally located.

Day 5:  Barbagia Region: Nuoro – Orgosolo
Departure for full day excursion to Barbagia Region, in the heart of Sardinia. Visit of Nuoro, surrounded by valleys and mountains, an important cultural center and  birthplace of several renowned artists. Nuoro hosts some of the most important museums in Sardinia as the Grazia Deledda Museum and the Sardinia museum of ethnography. If weather permits we’ll visit the statue of Il Redentore, at about 1000 mt, which represents a destination for many pilgrims. Food lovers will not be disappointed by the selection of typical wines and food from the area where the local recipes are still carried out following the very antique, homemade methods. We will have table booked at the family-run country restaurant where Antony Bourdain shot an episode of “no reservation”. Afternoon, visit of the near village of Orgosolo, an open-air gallery of arts, with its ‘murales’ Cubist inspired. This mural tradition started around the late 1960’s or early 1970’s when student protest was beginning to question decades of social oppression and injustice. Overnightstay in Oliena Hotel 4* in Nuoro.

Day 6:  Tharros – Su Nuraxi – Cagliari
Departure to Oristano region and visit The Marine Protected Area “Penisola del Sinis – Isola di Mal di Ventre”  and the archaeological site of Tharros. The site is one of the most fascinating archeological sites in Sardinia, not only because of the archaeological remains of this once flourishing town, originated from merging oriental urban and western prehistoric cultures, but also because of the unique position on the narrow peninsula overlooking the bay of Oristano.
Continue on to Barumini to visit Su Nuraxi a special type of defensive structure known as nuraghi developed on the island of Sardinia and inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1997. Continue on to Cagliari and overnight in Hotel 4* centrally located.

Day 7: VIillasimius – Cagliari
Departure to discover the south east coast along the scenic coastal drive to Villasimius. The village is situated on a beautiful tip with stunning white sandy beaches and electric blue sea. You can admire the nearest Capo Carbonara (natural reserve) its harbour and the old fortress. Within the double bay with fine white sand on one side and granulated sand on the other. Return to Cagliari and visit. Cagliari is a cosmopolitan working city surrounding an evocative medieval centre where taverns and restaurants casually spill out onto the many cobbled piazzas. Cagliari’s two thousand years of history has also left its mark, with archaeological remains, superb churches and several fine museums. The historic neighborhood is still partially enclosed by the bastioned walls. Two medieval towers in white stone stand along the bastion enclosure along with two city gates that escaped demolition during the 19th century. The Castello itinerary begins at the S.Pancrazio (s’Avanzada) entrance or from the Porta dei Leoni, and follows the intricate web of Spanish-influenced streets.
ALTERNATIVE : wine discovery at the well known wine maker Argiolas in Serdina. Full wine tasting and short cooking lesson on how to make typical ravioli.
Overnightstay in Cagliari Hotel 4* centrally located

Day 8: After breakfast transfer  to Cagliari Airport


General info: “The unusual charm of Sardinia and Corsica” is an escorted trip. It is a private tour both for individual travellers and groups available on request all year round. It starts In Olbia and ends in Cagliari. It is designed to create a good comfort and let participants enjoy Sicily at best. Accommodation provided is first-class, strategically located. The food is always typical of Corsica and Sardinia, with a blend of regional delicacies and top wines. Transportation is top quality. Your drivers and guides are qualified, pleasant and with a long experience in the field.

Departures & Prices: available all year-round, upon request

Flights: we generally recommend that our travellers to arrive one day before the trip starts in order to get their bearings and ease in to the new surroundings.

Travel Services: we would be happy to assist travellers in case of any further services: from airport transfers to pre-post nights in Sardinia and/or Corsica.

Reservation & Payment: a deposit of 30% per person is required at the time of reservation. At that moment a signed contract is required to hold your reservation. Final payment of the tour is due 60 days prior to departure.

Book this tour OR ask for a customized proposal info@isolabella.it

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