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  • The salts-pans area in Nubia, Trapani
    The salt pan area in Nubia, Trapani
  • Citrons and tangerins at the market in Catania
    Citrons and tangerins at the market in Catania
  • A corner of the 18th century village of Marzamemi, Syracuse
    A corner of the 18th century village of Marzamemi, Syracuse
  • The stunning Scala dei Turchi near Realmonte, Agrigento
    The stunning Scala dei Turchi near Realmonte, Agrigento
  • A colorful wall again in Marzamemi, Syracuse
    A colorful wall again in Marzamemi, Syracuse
  • Local folklore in the Medieval town of Gangi, Madonie area
    Local folklore in the Medieval town of Gangi, Madonie area

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Sicily luxury tours

If it is a luxury tour that you are looking for, in Sicily you’ll discover that luxury exists in historical, cultural and outdoor settings, in the lifestyles of people and the ambiance of places.
Everywhere on the island you can breathe a legendary setting: myths reign in thousands of unique natural sites and centuries of foreign dominations have left their signs in culture and monuments . With more than 3000 years of history Sicily has a rich culture and a unique array of places of interests: in major and minor settlements you can find evidences of the Elymian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Saracen, Norman, French, Spanish past of the island with incredible architectures and unique decorations. Archaeological ruins, churches, cathedrals, cloisters and noble palazzos make the island a living masterpiece and an open air museum.
Poets and writers have eulogized the beauty of this land along the centuries.
In his Odyssey Homer sung about the green island of Trinacria, one of the old names of the island, where gazes the herd of the sun.
Guy de Maupassant described the Sicilian landscape as “a landscape in which it is possible to find what on earth seems to be made to seduce eyes, mind, imagination“.
Goethe said “To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is to not have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything.”
Now it’s your turn to discover the island and narrate your experience, impressions and feelings.
Our Sicily luxury tours are designed to give you an inspiring experience and match your concept of luxury and expectations.
Culture, archeology, history, ultimate food experiences, boutique wineries, wildlife, historic hotels, urban and ultra-sophisticated places to stay at, excellent local guides, unusual venues, enchanting views: our luxury tours are made to reveal Sicily with an authenticity beyond the reach of any other travel company.
Regardless if you prefer to travel the island together with one of our incredibly professional and knowledgeable driver escort on a private tour, if you prefer a self-drive experience or joining one of our exclusive group tours, your luxury tour will be a world of pure Sicilian style.
Our Sicily luxury tours will always make an impact.
Eventually, whether you leave here loving or hating the land, there is something in Sicily which will deeply touch your heart and mind.

Beautiful gardens and landscapes of eastern Sicily


Abundant with colour and luminosity, this is a unique journey along Persephone’s island by to discover secrets gardens and spectacular landscapes hidden among the green of the Mediterranean pine trees and the blue cobalt of the sea and surrounded by the scent of the zagara.
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Beautiful gardens and landscapes of western Sicily

orto botanico pa 2_rid

The landscapes of western Sicily are different from the east part of the island, thus still abundant with colour and luminosity. Greek Theatres and Temples, Palermo, the capital of Sicily and its incredible Medieval Cathedrals and Baroque palazzos, private gardens and houses of the Gattopardo’s heirs with their exquisite hospitality, Sicilian flavours and the wines from the vineyards of western Sicily.
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The Amalfi Coast & Sicily

amalfi 5_web

Magically suspended between the blue sky and the iridescent colored sea, the Amalfi coast seems to be born from the palette of a painter who wanted to use the warmer color gradients for creating a landscape that enchants the visitor at the first shot, giving thrilling experience and such evocative view to doubt, for a moment, it is real.
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Golf & Culture in Sicily

verdura 13

If you are a golf enthusiast what you are looking for is a golf tour in Sicily.
If you are a discerning travel you would love to visit the siland and leran about its history, culture, tradition, food and wine.
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UNESCO World Heritage Treasures of Sicily


With more than forty sites, currently Italy is the country that has the largest number of sites included in the UNESCO World Heritage List as evidence to the increasing awareness that, the countless artistic, architectural and natural treasures in Italy, must be protected and transmitted to future generations.
Sicily hosts the following
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The tour of Jewish Sicily

Jewish manuscripts at Regional Library in Palermo

The history of the Jews in Sicily goes back two millennia.
Significant Jewish settlements had existed in Sicily since early Roman times when Jews were brought there as slaves by victorious Roman armies after the sack of Jerusalem in 63. However, it is generally presumed the Jewish population of Sicily was seeded prior to the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem. Rabbi Akiva visited the city of Syracuse during one of his trips abroad.
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The Grand Tour of Sicily

fiat 500 sicily

An exclusive art & culture tour of Sicily, for small groups of travel enthusiasts,
enjoying luxury hotels, a relaxing and friendly atmosphere, gorgeous landscapes,
typical flavours and a unique experience!
Enjoy The Grand Tour of Sicily, join us!

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Sicily à la carte


If your idea of luxury is to enjoy a Sicilian journey through a customized itinerary and a very personal experience, our Sicily à la carte chauffeur-driven tour is what you are looking for.
With our professional and knowledgeable chauffeurs who are licensed local guides for most of the sites included in the tour, you will explore Sicilian pearls according to your interest and pace, discover hidden treasure, taste local flavours, learn from the experience of a native-Sicilian. Your chauffeur/guide will be your best friend in Sicily and will turn our Sicily à la carte exclusive trip into a truly memorable experience in Sicily!
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Sicily as you like


Sicily as you like is a unique opportunity to experience Sicily as you better prefer. With our customized chauffeur driven program you can create your personalized itinerary, no matter if for 6 or 10 days, no matter what sites you …
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