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  • The salts-pans area in Nubia, Trapani
    The salt pan area in Nubia, Trapani
  • Citrons and tangerins at the market in Catania
    Citrons and tangerins at the market in Catania
  • A corner of the 18th century village of Marzamemi, Syracuse
    A corner of the 18th century village of Marzamemi, Syracuse
  • The stunning Scala dei Turchi near Realmonte, Agrigento
    The stunning Scala dei Turchi near Realmonte, Agrigento
  • A colorful wall again in Marzamemi, Syracuse
    A colorful wall again in Marzamemi, Syracuse
  • Local folklore in the Medieval town of Gangi, Madonie area
    Local folklore in the Medieval town of Gangi, Madonie area

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Travel & Society books

Midnight in Sicily: On Art, Food, History, Travel and la Cosa Nostra (Peter Robb)
What do art, literature, history, travel, politics, food, and the Mafia have in common? All are components of the rich and storied culture of Italy and all come together in Peter Robb’s marvelously imaginative MIDNIGHT IN SICILY. Using the criminal trial of some of Sicily’s most notorious Mafiosi as his centerpoint, Robb interweaves the various strands of his subjects into a seamless tapestry that leaves the reader with a voyeuristic fascination, combining fear of what one may find with a paralyzing inability to look away.

 On Persephone’s Island: A Sicilian Journal (Mary Taylor Simeti)
A richly detailed and personal portrait of Sicily by an American writer who settled on the island with her Sicilian husband in 1962 and stayed for 20 years. Strong on the delights of rural life, her book takes the form of a yearlong journal, capturing the spirit of the people and land. It provides a deep understanding of daily life and traditions — an excellent antidote to persistent myths of mafiosos and backwards peasants

The Stone Boudoir: Travels Through the Hidden Villages of Sicily (Teri Maggio)
A look at life in little-known mountain towns of the Sicilian hinterlands. Her essays, written over many visits, illuminate tiny Sicilian towns with glorious names: Polizzi Generosa (Martin Scorsese’s father was born there); Catania, where men celebrate the feast of Sant’Agata, who was martyred by having her breasts cut off; Sperlinga, where generations have lived in apartments cut in caves that Maggio compares to hobbit-holes. Maggio writes pristine prose unsullied by prettiness or sentimentality.

That Summer in Sicily: A Love Story (Marlena De Blasi)
Marlena De Blasi’s That Summer in Sicily leaves you both enthralled and cynically envious. Marlena and her husband settle on the island of Sicily to research a new book of regional recip and her excursions to neighboring villas demonstrate that her inquisitive appetite is not reserved for food alone.

Dreaming of Sicily: A Travel Memoir (Betsy Vincent Hoffman)
Dreaming of Sicily is an enlightening, entertaining and hilarious travel memoir written by Betsy Vincent (di Vincenzo) Hoffman and illustrated by Kathleen Citrolo Gwinnett. Experience the magnificent sights of this fabled island through eloquent words and evocative watercolors. Humorous travel tips will keep you laughing throughout the book, while poignant encounters with native Sicilians will prove that meeting everyday people in a foreign land is the most entertaining and authentic way to experience a country. This book will have extra meaning for Sicilian-Americans who are curious about their Sicilian roots, and perhaps spur them into visiting the beautiful island of their ancestors

Behind Closed Doors: Her Father’s House and Other Stories of Sicily (Maria Messina)
Behind Closed Doors portrays the habits and gestures, the words spoken and those left unsaid, of individuals caught between the traditions they respect and a desire to ease the social restrictions in their lives. A cultural album that captures the lives of peasant, working-class, and middle-class women, this volume will appeal to millions of Italian descendants and readers everywhere fascinated by Italian history

Casa Nostra: A Home in Sicily (Caroline Seller Manzo)
In this enchanting memoir about food, family, culture an Englishwoman shares the unpredictable adventures of her husband’s Sicilian family and the renovation of their villa. It is the captivating story of a villa’s difficult, glorious rebirth and a celebration of the unique beauty and history of western Sicily and its people.

A House in Sicily (Daphne Phelps)
An old-fashioned memoir of life at Casa Cuseni, the pensione and garden in Taormina run by the indomitable Daphne Phelps, which has been a sanctuary for Tennessee Williams, Betrand Russell and other guests, famous and infamous, since 1947.   

Sweet Honey, Bitter Lemons: Travels in Sicily on a Vespa (Matthew Fort)
A food writer who became obsessed with Sicily after visitng as a young man makes his long-planned return three decades later, traveling the countryside by scooter in search of good food, natural beauty, and Sicily’s culture and dark past

Sicily: Where Love Is (Dominick M. Eannello)
This is the story of two generations of the Salerno family. It’s a fascinating tales of love, respect for the family and heritage

Mattanza: Love and Death in the Sea of Sicily (Teri Maggio)
A magnificent journey inside the world of a Sicilian fishing community and its thousand-year-old rituals. Every spring for untold centuries, great schools of giant bluefin tuna have swum through the Strait of Gibraltar to spawn in the Mediterranean Sea. And there, for untold centuries, men have been waiting for them.

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