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  • The salts-pans area in Nubia, Trapani
    The salt pan area in Nubia, Trapani
  • Citrons and tangerins at the market in Catania
    Citrons and tangerins at the market in Catania
  • A corner of the 18th century village of Marzamemi, Syracuse
    A corner of the 18th century village of Marzamemi, Syracuse
  • The stunning Scala dei Turchi near Realmonte, Agrigento
    The stunning Scala dei Turchi near Realmonte, Agrigento
  • A colorful wall again in Marzamemi, Syracuse
    A colorful wall again in Marzamemi, Syracuse
  • Local folklore in the Medieval town of Gangi, Madonie area
    Local folklore in the Medieval town of Gangi, Madonie area

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Food & Wine books

Sicily: Culinary Crossroads (Giuseppe Coria)
Giuseppe Coria, Sicilian legendary gastronome, folklorist, vintner, and author of ten cookbooks including Profumi di Sicilia, a comprehensive guide to Sicilian culinary tradition has provided us with this wonderful collection of the island s most important and treasured recipes. Thousands of years of foreign dominations, overlapping and intertwined, have produced a Sicilian culture, language, and gastronomy that is unique, rich, and complex. Coria invites us into the kitchens of medieval landowners and convents. He brings alive the stories of Sicilian peasant farmers, shepherds, and fishermen.

Seasons of Sicily: Recipes from the South of Italy (Natalia Ravidà)
This book is a celebration of generations of Sicilians in the food culture of Italy. It takes you through the seasons of Italy using their olive oil and family recipes that have been in the family for centuries.

Heart of Sicily (Anna Tasca Lanza)
Many cookbooks tempt, inform, and inspire. A few capture the essence of a place, but rarely does a cookbook communicate the very soul of a place. Anna Tasca Lanza’s telling of life at Regaleali, the vast estate that has belonged to her family since 1830, is so vivid that you feel her sitting next to you, talking and turning the pages of The Heart of Sicily as if it were a photo album.

The Flavors of Sicily (Anna Tasca Lanza)
Primarily a cookbook but partly a travelogue with a foreword by Carol Field, The Flavors of Sicily, is a field study of a region so diverse “even Western Sicily is different from Eastern.” It’s the sort of place where old peasant women riotously lobby on behalf of cooking traditions from their own particular villages or subregions. Tasca Lanza is indebted to these purveyors of the purest food ways for drawing her attention to dishes and ingredients, such as wild artichokes, that she would not have otherwise known about.

Cucina Siciliana: Authentic Recipes and Culinary Secrets from Sicily (Clarissa Hyman)
Cucina Siciliana highlights easy, stylish and yet authentic dishes that readers will want to make regularly for after-work suppers and casual dinner parties. The recipes are organised into times of the day, from breakfast and morning snacks with coffee, through lunch to afternoon refreshments and evening meals. An introductory chapter gives insights into the island’s special food culture. It features information on essential ingredients plus recipes for the frequently-used storecupboard sauces used to enhance all manner of foods from pasta and rice to fish and poultry. It is an inspiring book that will please travellers as well as foodies.

Palmento: A Sicilian Wine Odyssey (Robert V. Camuto)
Inspired by a deep passion for wine, an Italian heritage, and a desire for a land somewhat wilder than his home in southern France, Robert V. Camuto set out to explore Sicily’s emerging wine scene. What he discovered during more than a year of traveling the region, however, was far more than a fascinating wine frontier. Chronicling his journey through Palermo to Marsala, and across the rugged interior of Sicily to the heights of Mount Etna, Camuto captures the personalities and flavors and the traditions and natural riches that have made Italy’s largest and oldest wine region the world traveler’s newest discovery. In the island’s vastly different wines he finds an expression of humanity and nature–and the space where the two merge into something more.

Sweet Sicily: The Story of an Island and Her Pastries (Victoria Granof)
From the towering cake known as the Triumph of Gluttony to the pert cherry-topped pastries called Virgin’s Breasts to puckery, palate-tingling ices made from the island’s luscious lemons and tangerines, Sicily is known for its audacious — and delicious — desserts. Pastry chef and food stylist Victoria Granof has traveled throughout Sicily learning sweet secrets and local lore from the island’s pastry chefs and home bakers, and the result is Sweet Sicily, a lushly photographed exploration of authentic Sicilian pastry-making

Cucina Paradiso: The Heavenly Food of Sicily (Clifford A. Wright)
“Cucina Paradiso: The Heavenly Food of Sicily,” was a “best book of 1992″ in the New York Times Book Review’s Christmas List. 

Ciao Sicily: Recipes from the PBS Series Cucina Sicilia (Damian Mandola)
With recipes from the PBS cooking show Cucina Sicilia, which focuses on Sicily, this cookbook with its compelling photographs, features over 150 recipes from Johnny and Damian’s repertoire of beloved Sicilian dishes with American influence stirred in.

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